Usher’s Ministry


Our mission as the Ushers at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church of Winchester, Virginia is to serve together to demonstrate GOD’s commission to us, to prayerfully promote an atmosphere where all those entering the church will feel welcomed, to meet the needs of the Pastor and congregation during service, and to keep distractions to a minimum.




  1. Expand ministry by establishing an ongoing recruitment program to increase membership and participation.
  2. Implement a training program to increase and maintain every usher’s performance level and knowledge of all service positions.
  3. Attend scheduled monthly meetings and training sessions.
  4. Provide assistance to other ministries at church functions.
  5. Travel with the Pastor.
  6. Each Usher is to be a team player and strive to increase their individual level of commitment and dedication to the usher board.
  7. Strive to serve more than last year.


“For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand.  I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my GOD, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.”

Psalm 84:10



What is an Usher at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church?




Annette Carden, President




The Usher Ministry’s Vision is to collectively work as a team, creating a warm and welcomed environment for members and visitors of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church by providing assistance to other ministries through supporting the overall mission and accomplishment of the Usher Ministry goals.




An Usher is a person who is people-oriented, has a willingness to serve, and whose Christian inner beauty shines through.  An Usher greets people upon their arrival at church, helps members and visitors feel comfortable and welcome, and gives direction to those who have come to worship.  Ushers are persons with a dedication and commitment to serve and have accepted the challenge of a standard of excellence.  This standard has become the way in which the Pastor and congregation have come to expect.  The Ushers may take their direction from just a twinkle of an eye or a movement of a finger, but they assist in ensuring that each service is conducted in an orderly and decent manner.


USHER’S 411: