“Iron Sharpens Iron”
Proverbs 27:17 NIV
Iron sharpens iron and one man sharpens another.
Proverbs 27:17 NIV
Iron sharpens iron and one man sharpens another.
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January 18th

February 22nd

 March 22nd

April 26th

May 24th

June 28th

July 26th

August 24rd

September 27th

October 25th

November 22nd

December 28th

PURPOSE:  For men of God to edify and fellowship with openness and confidentiality


ACTION:  Discussion by participants on male-oriented topics to generate open and honest dialog


EXPECTED OUTCOME/ RESULTS:  Male participants will leave the rap session with a clearer understanding of God and each other.


MORE INFORMATION:  Contact Mt. Carmel Baptist Church  (540) 667-6532




Doug Trammel, President

All meetings are scheduled for Saturday at 9:00AM in the Fellowship Hall


To The Men Of Mount Carmel:


Happy New Year 2014!!   This new calendar year continues work started previously.  


Whether you are a new Christian, a mature follower, or one returning to the church, you are needed and necessary for continuing God’s work.  


With the current state of worldly affairs (unstable economy, unemployment, difficult family matters), we men need God now more than ever before.  


Instead of withdrawing and trying unsuccessfully to fix our problems, we need to be more courageous to come together and help one another.  This means stepping up and getting involved (if you are not already), in the building up and maintaining of God’s Kingdom as well.  


Iron, as in our theme scripture, is made strong from the heat that it has been through.  Forged and shaped into who we are by life’s circumstances, we should know that Our Lord is keeping us from everything we’re going through and know that He’s not yet finished with the process.  However, this should not keep us from edifying one another.  


We are on the cutting edge of involvement in doing His Kingdom building.  It takes strong, “iron forged and sharpened” men to do the ministry our church needs.  There are too few of us doing too much of the job.  The women cannot and should not do so much of it alone. Together, we can make our Men’s Ministry even better as we continue to reach out to our community and to keep each other lifted as well.  Iron is strong for a purpose, and so are you. Your gifts are needed to keep our church going.   We need to stay real to ourselves and encourage each other through tough times, even as we make our way through God’s forging of our spiritual sharpening and strength.


This year of 2014 is to be my final year of serving you as your Men’s Ministry President.  It has been an honor being your leader over these many years.  Brother Vernard Bennett has agreed to run for president for the 2015 calendar year.  I plan to work with him extensively this year to prepare him to take over as your 2015 President, should he be nominated.  


As I finish out this last year of my service, I thank you all for your prayers, friendship, and support.




Your Men’s Ministry President,

in service to God, Church, and you,


Brother, Douglas Trammel